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Pregnancy *Birth &
Lactation Education

Supporting Women, Babies and Families for a better outcome.

Pregnancy * Labor * Birth & Lactation Education

Education and Consultation created to meet you where you are so you can meet your goals.





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1137 2nd Street Suite 211

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Opening Hours

Mon * Wed * Fri 9:30am - 2pm/ 4-5:30
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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Basic Pregnancy *Labor * Birth & Lactation Classes

Private * Group Classes & Telehealth


Pregnancy Basics

Anatomy and Physiology

Understand how Anatomy and Physiology of your Pregnancy can lay the foundation of your Birth.


Labor & Birth Basics

Labor and Birth

Learn about your labor &  birth and how it can affect your Breastfeeding.

Birth Education & Support.


Lactation Basics

Good Latch and

Milk Supply

Learn how to get good latch, hunger cues and breast care.

Consultation & Education.

Lactation Consultation * Education & Support

My work is evidence based care that both supports and educates from a judgement free space.  Anasa offers prenatal and postpartum lactation consultation and home visits and breastfeeding classes to improve your breastfeeding experience.

Here are some issues I can support you with:

*Alternative feeding methods.    *Breastfeeding positions

*Milk production and supply       *Difficulty latching

*Engorgement                                     *Failure to latch

*Baby taking a bottle.                       *Over supply

*Painful Nipples/Breast                  *Painful latching

*Plugged ducts                                    *Post NICU/ Preemie Babies

*Pumping                                                *Return to work

*Signs of a good latch                       *Signs of a good milk transfer

*Sleepy baby                                         *Shallow latch

*Weaning                                               *Transition back to breastfeeding.         

Pregnancy/ Prenatal Consultation

Mapping your pregnancy experience that allows you to open using the following:

* Birth Preparation Education and Bodywork

* Conscious Connection One on One Support

* Pregnancy Education

*Gentle Birth Education

Labor/Birth & Postpartum

Learn about the Anatomy of Labor and Birth and how it lays the foundation of Postpartum and Breastfeeding. Learn how to use your  Birth Stories with Supportive Bodywork to help you identify, process and transform your experience allowing you to reconnect to self and leave what you don't need behind.

When I relax my mind 
My body follows.


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