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Pregnancy *Birth &
Lactation Education

Supporting Women, Babies and Families for a better outcome.

Pregnancy * Birth * Lactation Education

Education and Consultation created to meet you where you are so you can meet your goals.





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1137 2nd Street Suite 211

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Opening Hours

Mon * Wed * Fri 9:30am - 2pm/ 4-5:30
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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Basic Pregnancy *Birth & Lactation Classes

Private * Group Classes & Virtual


Pregnancy Basics

Anatomy and Physiology

Understand how Anatomy and Physiology of your Pregnancy can lay the foundation of your Birth.


Birth Basics

Labor and Birth

Learn about your labor &  birth and how it can affect your Breastfeeding.

Birth Education & Support.


Lactation Basics

Good Latch and Supply

Learn how to get good latch, hunger cues and breast care.

Consultation & Education.

Lactation Consultation and Education

My work is evidence based care that both supports and educates from a judgement free space.

Here are some issues I can support you with:

*Alternative feeding methods.

*Breastfeeding positions

*Milk production and supply

*Difficulty latching


*Failure to latch

*Baby taking a bottle

*Over supply

*Painful Nipples/Breast                                                

*Painful latching

*Plugged ducts                                                                  

*Post NICU/ Preemie Babies


*Return to work

*Signs of a good latch                                                    

*Signs of a good milk transfer

*Sleepy baby                                                                      

*Shallow latch

*Transition back to breastfeeding.                          



Mapping your pregnancy experience that allows you to open using 

* Birth Preparation

* Conscious Connection One on One Mentoring 

* Pregnancy Education

Labor/Birth & Postpartum

Learn about the Anatomy of Labor and Birth and how it lays the foundation of Postpartum and Breastfeeding.

When I relax my mind 
My body follows.


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