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Pregnancy and Birth
Education Classes

Whether in person or online you will learn about the anatomy of your pregnancy and how it lays the foundation of your birth experience. 

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Birth Education is a huge aspect of birth preparation. My teaching background is in Hawaiian Lomilomi and so I'm accustomed to holding space for my students as well as sharing from the heart of "Loving the Body", Birth Education training from CAPPA.


So I don't just teach from the place of basic childbirth (remember this, remember that then a test at the end) which may be fine for some but I come from the space of myths and stories woven with the anatomy and physiology of the Womyn's body (cause we need to know how things work), with how to cope and express your needs as well as reconnecting to your sacred self.

Mama's and the partners will have the opportunity to touch and explore the workings of birth, giving you both tools for the real event. I guess we can call this Birthing the Birth. 

Each class is builds upon the next giving you a foundation, something to chew on and retain.  In my classes, workshops and retreats I invoke stories, wisdom and knowledge from different cultures to give you a visceral experience at the same time a cellular memory to help make learning less imposing and more inclusive.

In both Birth Preparation and Intensive a manual along with resources and support.

In the Module Class a  mini packet along with resources, suggested reading and support.

Topics and Modules: 

  • Open Mouth Open Heart Open Womb

  • The Sacred in Pregnancy​

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

  • History of Birth

  • Fear and Anxiety of Birth

  • The Labor Path

  • Pre-Labor

  • Early Labor

  • Active Labor

  • What is Pain?

  • Coping Skills

  • Pain management

  • Meditation

  • Yoga Breathing​

8hrs Intensive (Private) Class $450.00  

8 hrs Group 350.00 

2 hour Modules $75.00 also on Mighty Network and Thinkific

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