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Lactation Consulting & Education 

Here is where breastfeeding mama's can come and receive unbias education and support on their journey. Here you can sign up for classes, one on one coaching and support as well sacred circle support. In this space you're safe to ask and share with one another your experiences and knowledge as well as connect to other mama's and gain resources.

Lactation Consultation

One on One work is excellent work for those in need for intimate conversation that revolves around your challenges and questions around your experience. 

One on One is a 90 mins support and education session, with follow ups to insure your progress and make sure baby meets its weight goal. Depending on the issue we may meet more than two -three time. Support hours Monday * Wednesday * Friday 9-2pm in office / 4-6 by phone (secured line) after hours.  

For Intake and link email: 

for quicker response text 310-995-2662 hours 9-4pm


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Umoya Breastfeeding Class for new parents held on the third Saturday of the month. Learn the basics of breastfeeding/chestfeeding from 0-6 months.  

Private Class $ 125.00\ Group $ 75.00

For more information or questions email: or text 310-995-2662


Postpartum Basics

The Fourth Trimester a time of recovery, healing, processing and connection to self.  During this time women often feel the effects of the birth from swelling to soreness, vaginal pain. Mama's will also experience a variety of strong emotions such as irritability, frustration, elation exhaustion and so much more lasting from several month's to over a year.  Postpartum Basics supports mama's process their experience through bodywork and one on one mentoring.


Umoya Birth Stories & Support

Holding Sacred space for sharing pregnancy and birth stories. Here mama's are held in reverence, without judgment. Sessions are every other Tuesday at 11am.  Space is limited to 6-12 mama's and you must register to join. 

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