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Conscious Connection

Conscious Connection

Prenatal Mentoring & Bodywork

What is Conscious Connection?

The pregnant experience can be exciting and full of anticipation or fearful and filled with anxiety in any situation the woman has a right to connect and feel her feelings, and emotions, body and soul. 

Doing the work becomes the preparation for labor and birth, allowing her to release and fill up plants her on her desire path, however the mama envisions it. Conscious Connection gives the mama the tools to experience birth with as little baggage as possible. This allows the  mama to have a more positive birth experience. 

Conscious Connection is a working practice that weaves Theta Healing with Reiki and Haputanga to release, reconnect and heal consciously, with purpose.

Tools such as communication, vocalization, meditation, bodywork, energy balancing, art are used as medicine to help you connect on a deeper level with yourself, your baby and your environment.

Introductory Session 90 mins-2 hours

Recommendation starting in the second trimester 5-10 sessions once or twice per month with a break for birth to acclimate your experience in peace. Once you are settled you may start your postpartum sessions called the Fourth Trimester. The Fourth Trimester also known as the Postpartum is the time to receive the support you need as you transition into motherhood, spirit, soul and body. During this time you'll experience healing massage and light bodywork to heal your body, balance your emotions and restore your body. ​

Series of Five Sessions or Ten session to be complete by 36 weeks 

afterwards weekly 30 minute support call or Phone/ Facetime up until labor.

Fee: Three Sessions $580.00 or Six Session $1161.00


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