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Sacred Postpartum/Fourth Trimester Circle

The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester also known as Postpartum is as important as pregnancy, labor and birth. This important branch of the motherhood experience is often considered not important as labor and birth, not so.  The fourth trimester is where trauma's are addressed and birth stories are told, the external mother and baby bounding happens,  healing of body , spirit and soul takes place and so much more. 


Spirit & Soul

Healing and Restoration

The Fourth Trimester not only affects the body but also spirit and the soul. During this time mother's will need more support navigating their feelings and emotions allowing mom's to share without judgement and discover how heal  



Fourth Trimester * Postpartum Bodywork 

In the Fourth Trimester the body becomes a constant focus, a desire to return to what we use to know in-spite of traveling the road that's calling us, our selves.

Healing bodywork and massage are often used to ground an

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